Sunday, February 24, 2013

Diabetes Doesn't Mean the End Of Life!

Diabetes, one of the most happening disease or I say Disorder.  Yes Diabetes cannot be referred as disease because it’s a disorder of metabolism which can further lead to various diseases such as blindness, kidney failure and many more. 
It is a condition when the body either stops producing insulin or not able to make enough .

Now the question is what is insulin and why its important?
Insulin is a Hormone produced by Pancreas which is responsible to convert glucose into glycogen which then observed by cells. Body cells get energy from it. This way insulin keeps a proper balance of glucose level in blood.
But when Pancreas stops making insulin or not able to make enough then the situation is called Diabetes.

Basically Diabetes is of 2 kinds, Type 1 and Type 2. Lets discuss both of these:-

Type 1 Diabetes:- In this kind of Diabetes pancrease completely stops producing insulin which leads a person to take insulin injections to survive. This generally happens in young age and hence it is also called as Juvenile diabetes. However you cannot stop taking insulin but doing daily exercise and abstaining high carb food and sweet things can make difference.
Type 2:- in this, pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin. Type 2 diabetes can be managed without taking insulin injections if the condition is not worse. All is need to do proper exercise and abstaining high carb food and sweets.
Both types of diabetes are not good but type 1 is too dangerous. Type 2 is comparatively easier to manage.
Diabetes makes a person very disheartened. I know so many diabetics who think that their life is over and they cannot do anything in life. This attitude made me write this post here.

I want to tell all of them that Diabetes doesn’t mean the end of life. It’s just another sweet challenge from God which you should face positively and live a normal life. The things needed to stay healthy in diabetes are to follow your doctor’s suggestion, not eating sweets & high carb food, daily exercise, daily walk and more physical work.
Just for your inspiration I want to tell you about few diabetics who are doing great with their life and living a normal life. Here are they:-
The first name comes in my mind is Wasim Akram(Pakistani cricketer) who is one of the best names in cricket world. He is also having diabetes since long and living on insulin. He never got disheartened and kept on doing great things. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when He was only 29 years old. Its around 19-20 years he is living with diabetes and still fit and fine.

The second name comes in my mind is Sonam Kapoor who is one of the leading fashionist from India and a top actress of bollywood. Being an unfortunate type 1 diabetic she is doing great with her life and managing her diabetes in a better way. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2008.

The list is too big but I just gave 2 examples here who are not only managing their diabetes in a proper way but also doing great in their life and sitting in the hearts of millions.
I am also a type 1 diabetic and as like them I never felt disheartened or never thought that my life is over or something. I am still living my life as I don’t have any disorder but yes I am following my doctor, diet plan , exercise routines etc because these are necessary for a diabetic

When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes I was in the very infancy of my career . It was shocking to me initially but I started accepting it and move forward and believe I never looked back. I am now at a better position in my career and handling 2-3 very nice blogs. I am not as big as Waseem Akaram or Sonam Kapoor but as like them I always look forward and don’t regret about being a diabetic.
I just want to request all the diabetics of this world not to get laid down, Stay happy and motivated. Stay away from negative thoughts.
My intention to write this post is just to grab your attention here that If waseem and Sonam can live a better life even with diabetes then Why don’t you? Why don’t me?
Stay Motivated and live healthy life! 


  1. encouraging writing

  2. Encouraging!
    You are really brave and teach us in million ways to live better life!
    God Bless You!!

  3. Great Info Atish! I like it very much. Pls keep writing the posts with your personal touch like this.

    I hope that "Your motivation and confidence" will make you to live longer(100 yrs). God bless you dear!!!

  4. A blogger's Blog !!! Suprising for me. Nice to see a Blogger Blog of you Atish :).

    This is an inspiring post for those who are suffering. Keep wiring such posts.
    God Bless !!!

    1. Started blog on blogspot only. TTW was on Blogger initially.. thanks for stopping by here.

  5. Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes are the main types of diabetes.Regular visit to the physician and taking the balance diet with exercise may prevent from the further damage.

    1. Thanks for the views! I think gestational diabetes is temporary during pregnancy! right??